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Amiga Games - Frost Byte - Classic Commodore Amiga Game

Frost Byte Commodore Amiga
A platform / puzzle game that first appeared on the 8-bit machines such as the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC 464 late in 1986.

It finally made it's way onto our beloved Amiga in 1988, and whilst never being a blockbuster hit it did offer something different to play. Taxing, frustrating yet addictive at the same time, this game must surely go down as a cult classic game.

Frost Byte AmigaThis flick screen platform game/arcade game was nicely styled with icicles and igloos for you to explore. You being the hero of the game 'Hickey' (a Kreezer no less), had to slinkabout to rescue his race from the monsters that now inhabited the planet.

Okay, so in this classic game you played the part of a slinky (although some though of it as a bendy frankfurter!) and in another slight difference from the norm sweets also played their part in the game.

These tempting morsels gave Hickey extra powers such as extra high jumping ability, move faster or being able to fall further.

The gameplay was based on brains and puzzle solving rather than fast paced arcade action. Negotiating the screens took a test of timing and positioning. You ended up spending more time waiting for the right moment to move than blasting away at the nasties.

It was not so easy to time a step when Hickey had to arch up and over. Dodging baddies could be difficult until you got the hang of the physics of the game.

The puzzles get trickier in Frost Byte on the AmigaWith a little perseverance though you could learn how to judge the jumps, and then it was all a question of finding out what you needed to get through to the next screen.

Plenty of shocks that lay ahead as you searched for your five imprisoned friends. You could pick up items (such as bullets) and then use them to take out some of the bad guys. Different items were strewn around the screens, so in true arcade adventure style experimentation was required when picking them up and using them.

Stay Frosty...This wasn't the sort of game that was raved about but if you did get into it then you could end up being sucked in.

It was certainly a bit different from other platform games (the slinky main character was nicely animated too) and it did have that one-more-go factor.

It was not a blockbuster game, but for fans of arcade adventures it was certainly something worth playing.

Not bad overall but for an Amiga game it did tend to lack a lot of overall polish and did not take advantage of 16-bit power.

We recommend getting hold of the real Amiga hardware - but if not then download an Amiga emulator and download this game. Alternatively you could try and play it online.

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GENRE: Arcade game / Puzzle Game / Arcade Adventure
DEVELOPER(S): Julian Jameson, Dave Armstrong, I Waugh
PRICE: £14.95 then £2.99 budget re-release(UK)

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Amiga Longplay - First Samurai - Classic Commdore Amiga Game

First Samurai Amiga
First Samurai was released by Mirrorsoft for the Commodore Amiga in 1991.

The games coder Raffaele Cecco already had a glowing reputation due to his exploits on 8-bit machines such as the ZX Spectrum (and must go down as one of the great Spectrum programmers) with arcade games such as Exolon and Cybernoid.

First Samurai Loading Screen Amiga
As far as we are concerned this classic game enhanced his reputation further with most Amiga gamers.

Classic arcade action - First Samurai Amiga Longplay:

In the game you play the part of the 'first samurai' who is well versed in martial arts and swordplay.

The evil demon king had killed your samurai master and travlled through time to the present day - and you were out for revenge. A classic arcade game back story right there.

The First Samurai has travelled forward in time - Amiga
You begin the game armed only with your fists and feet. Dispatching a few bad guys increases your 'sword power' and topping it up allows the wizard king to grant you you're sword - which was accompanied by a cry from our game character of 'My Sword!'

Now you really can swing into action, hacking your way through the nasties with ease.

Dotted around the landscape were various items. Picking up treasure boosted your points and food was always valuable to keep your energy levels topped up.

You could also pick up throwing weapons shuch as daggers and axes which really helped you out as you made your way through the levels.

Hidden items could be found by destroying part of wall, the ground and so on.

If you're energy level reached empty then the wizard king granted you some extra 'energy' in exchange for your sword - accompanied by 'Oh No, My Sword!'. It would be back to fists and feet until you dispatched enough bad guys to earn your sword again.

The game was played across 8-way scrolling levels, which ranged from the medieval era to a nicely imagined futuristic Japan.

In classic arcade tradition there were end of level bosses to contend with too. For example at the end of the first medieval era you had to do battle with a huge dragon type creature. Once you had defeated it you moved on to the next stage.

The game was completed once you fought your way through all of the levels and confronted the evil demon king. Finish him off and you finish the game.

The graphics were excellent at the time, with the character animation and backgrounds (complete with animated waterfalls and burning fires) a joy to behold.

A mention must go to the sound and music too. The in-game music was nice and atmospheric, and the spot effects for finding treasure, sword swinging and hitting were excellent. Listen as you approach a burning fire too - at the time this was impressive stuff.

There was plenty to play through in this classic amiga game and it really added a nice twist to the platform arcade adventure genre.

We recommend getting hold of the real Amiga hardware - but if not then download an Amiga emulator and download First Samurai. Alternatively you could try and play it online.

Please see our other Amiga retro game reviews - all links are listed in alphabetical order. Cheers guys

GENRE: Arcade Game (Arcade Adventure)
RELEASE DATE: End of 1991
RELEASED BY: Mirrorsoft
DEVELOPER(S): Raffael Cecco, Teoman Irmak, Nick Jones
PRICE: £25.99 - UK

The First Samurai - Amiga
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Amiga Games - Flashback - Commodore Amiga retro game

Amiga Games  Flashback  Title Screen
Flashback from Delphine Software (creators of Another World) was a true masterpiece of gaming. It excelled on all levels - graphics, sound, story and game play as well as being totally addictive.

The first thing you noticed when you started were the superb graphics and the way your character Conrad Hart moved. The animation was amazing when he walked ran and jumped around the screen you couldn't help but be blown away by how realistic all his movements were. The background graphics and levels were also brilliantly drawn and each level had its own unique style and theme.

Music and sound effects were also great. The game cut scenes had some great soundtracks to match the action and although the in-game wasn't a constant feature it would kick in to indicate danger lurked ahead or you were on the right track in your attempt at solving a puzzle. The background sound effects created a brilliant atmosphere with animal noises and bird chirps in the forest section as well as the mechanical doors and beeping switches.

Amiga Games  Flashback  Start in the Forest
Game play was a mix of platforming, shooting and puzzle solving. The control system was easy to get a hang of and even with a one-button joystick Conrad could pull of a wide range of moves with some good button and direction combos. The difficulty level could be set before you started - Easy, Normal and Difficult. Even on easy the game was no walkover and would take a fair bit of time to complete.

Each level had a code so you could start there and there were a few save points you could activate throughout the level - but these were saved to the memory so if you turned the game of you could only start from the beginning of the level. This made you want to try again until you completed the level and got your new code which we think was a great way to play. Add to this the compelling story and it made for an addictive gaming experience.

The story begins with a cut scene showing Conrad being pursued and crash landing in the forest. One of the first items you find is a Holocube that gives you (and Conrad) and idea of what is going on. Firing up the holocube a 'Total Recall' moment sees you telling yourself to travel to New Washington to meet Ian who will be able to help. This sets the scene for the first level and here you will get to grips with leaping onto platforms, shooting everything that moves and solving some nice puzzles.

Amiga Games  Flashback  Shooting a guard
There are 7 levels in all which are more than enough to keep you entertained and challenged. There is a great mix of game play in throughout the levels - in one you're taking on jobs to play for your trip to Earth and another you're starring in a 'Running Man' style game show! I think Delphine watched a lot or Arnie films!

As far as equipment and items you can pick up - you start with a gun, which luckily never runs out of ammo. As well as this you have a shield which allows you to take a few hits. The shield can be recharged as various stations throughout the levels. As you have only one life - the best ideas is to keep this topped up. There are are other hazards like mysterious green gases and electrified floors that if you touch you will be vapourised instantly. But with some well-timed jumps these can be easily avoided and they add an extra layer of danger to the game play.

Amiga Games  Flashback  Mysterious Green Gas

There are loads of other items you can pick up and all of them can be used to solve puzzles or at the very least distract the guards (throw a stone behind a guard to get him to turn round to check it out - then sneak in for the kill). You also collect credits throughout the game which will enable you to buy equipment you need to progress.

Overall this game was a must-have for any Amiga owner and received rave reviews when it was released. If you read our previous review of Another World you will know how much we rated that - well Flashback blows Another World out of the water in all respects so you can imagine how we feel about this game.

So do yourself a favour and if you have never played it, get yourself an Amiga emulator and download Flashback for the Amiga. You will be so glad you did. In fact I'm off to play it now!

Developer: Delphine Software
Year Released: 1993
Genre: Action Adventure Game

Check out the Amiga Flashback video below showing Conrad running, jumping and shooting his way through the first level:

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