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Amiga Robocop
Let's all serve the public trust.

Ocean software had already released Robocop on the ZX Spectrum (the 128 version being the best) in 1988 - and the Amiga version followed in 1989.

As we all know Robocop was a great movie - and the arcade game was tied into the film.

Amiga Games Robocop
This 'run n gun' game had been a popular choice in amusement arcades with the version by Data East eating plenty of coins. Anyway, Robocop on the Amiga managed to capture the spirit of the film pretty well - but was just missing 'something'.

As soon as the game loaded you're hopes were dashed a little. Instead of sampled speech - the dulcet tones of Peter Weller were replaced by someone attempting a Robocop impression through a drainpipe. Not good.

Anyway - once you started the game you did get some (not bad) cut scenes like the Robocop leg holster and Casey Wong of media break. These were slight enhancements over the 8-bit versions, but really could have been done better.

In the game you played Robocop (rebuilt from the near dead officer Murphy in the excellent movie). The game began with Robocop in a horizontally scrolling section, shooting snipers looking down on him from the windows of building, and eradicating kung fu kicking villains and chainsaw weilding hench men.

At the end of the level you had to battle the ED-290 - which was easy to take out once you knew how. After this there was also a nice bit of shooting practice at the target range.

You began the game with four lives and an energy level (Robo could take a fair amount of punishment) and the energy meter could be replenished by collecting baby food jars. Ammunition was limited too but there were extra magazines lying around to use, as well as three special weapons powerups (such as 3-way firing bullets and 'super bullets').

Robocop on the AmigaIf Robo expended all of his ammo then he could use his fists to fight with (good old Robo packed a mean punch). If you're energy level reached zero then a life was lost and it was back to the start of the level.

On each section of the game there was also a time limit and a life was lost if you exceeded it. You usually had to fight (in classic arcade game fashion) a 'boss' at the end of each level (such as ED 209, a van full of villains, a crane armed with a wrecking ball etc). After each level was completed it was back on patrol on the next level with bikers coming after you and tougher street hoods.

There was also a section where you had to go to the police stations photofit library to match up a picture of a known felon within a time limit. The pictures were digitized scans of real faces - but again they could have been done better. Eyes, ears, chin, nose and hairstyle had to be matched to the picture on the left which was not easy to accomplish in the time alloted.

Once the felon had been identified information was provided which lead RoboCop to the next horizontally scrolling level.

As you made you way through the game we find out that Clarence Boddiker was the head of the gang (as if we didn't know!) who in turn had been employed by an OCP executive

Dick Jones (the OCP exec) took the 'old man' (the president of OCP) hostage and it was up to you to take him out cleanly in the final pseudo 3D section. Killing him showed you those immortal words 'Nice shooting son what's your name?' before informing you that you had indeed won the game.

This game was one of those 'nearly' games. The music was a fair rendition of the films brilliant score - but could have been better. The graphics were a little too cartoony and the animation on the game characters was average at best.

This game was probably rushed out and was likely a quick port from the Atari ST. We all know that the Amiga was capable of so much more and it could have been identical to the arcade version.

Still - Robocop on the Commodore Amiga wasn't bad. It was pretty playable and fun - it's just that it could have been so much better with a little care, effort and attention.

Give Robocop a go for old times sake - and thankyou for your co-operation.

This classic arcade game for the Commodore Amiga is just about worth another look after all these years.

We recommend getting hold of the real Amiga hardware - but if not then download an Amiga emulator and download Robocop. Alternatively you could try and play it online.

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GENRE: Arcade game
RELEASED BY: Ocean Software
PRICE: £24.95 - UK

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