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Mortal Kombat Amiga
Surely one of the greatest ever game programming achievements on the Commodore Amiga?

Probe Software converted the original arcade game to our favourite 16-bit machine, and to be fair, they did a damn good job of it.

Mortal Kombat had been maligned for being overly violent (blood in a computer game - gasp!), which made it even more popular down the arcades. With it being more popular than Mr Pop from ular, a conversion to home computers and game consoles was always going to happen.

I'm just glad that Probe put some real effort into it and avoided the route of the lazy port.

Mortal Kombat Amiga The arcade game was great because of the variety of characters, the wide range of moves the player could execute, the hidden special moves, the well drawn backgrounds and the superbly animated almost photo-realistic game characters.

Well, on the Amiga it was all pretty much there. Each fighter, the different backgrounds, the special moves...

What was most impressive about this arcade game was the fact that it was playable. The characters were nice and responsive, the moves were easy execute and the fights were fun (and violent).

Amiga Mortal Kombat Title Screen Each character was quite different too (apart from Scorpion and Sub-Zero obviously!), and it wasn't just a case of the same character with a different 'skin'.

There were notable differences between the fighters; being able to freeze people as Sub-Zero was always worth a laugh, Scorpion and his 'Get over here!' was equally funny, Johnny Cage and his 'cool' shades etc etc...

Choose your Mortal Kombat fighter The difficulty level ramped up nicely as you progressed through the game too. Each fighter was generally more difficult than the last - and if you were any good you would eventually face the weird Goro in the final showdown.

Finish Him!
Of course everyone remembers being able to finish off a fighter with a fatality move. Figuring out how to execute the moves was part of the fun of the game - but you did not have to in order to complete the game. That was the beauty of Mortal Kombat - they added great extras into an already playable arcade beat em up.

I never ever managed to figure out the finishing moves for all of the characters, but I did complete the game.

More ass kicking in Mortal Kombat
Sometimes the game was best played against a friend. It was extremely playable in 2 player mode - beating the sh*t out of each other had never been so much fun.

The only real downside to the game was the disk swapping and long load times - but we can forgive it that as the game could be played on a standard Amiga 500 - a great programming achievement.

So that's it, you have FINISHED IT! - Go play it again.

We recommend getting hold of the real Amiga hardware - but if not then download an Amiga emulator and download Mortal Kombat. Alternatively you could try and play it online.

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GENRE: Arcade game (Beat em up)
RELEASED BY: Midway, Acclaim
DEVELOPER(S): Probe Sofware (Gary Liddon, Paul Carruthers, Richard Costello, Jason Green, Lee Ames, Allister Brimble
PRICE: £29.99 (UK)

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