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Pinball Dreams Amiga

I was never a fan of pinball games until this came along for the Commodore Amiga.

With wonderful graphics, nice music and superb physics this classic game came straight out of the amusement arcades was (and still is) a joy to play.

Digital Illusions gave us Amiga gamers this title in 1992 and it was certainly something a little different from the mainstream, and once more the good old Amiga gave us pure arcade atmosphere in the comfort of our own homes...

There were four pinball tables within this game to play through, each with it's own flashing lights, bonuses and power-ups.

The tables were superbly designed and contained authentic clicks, blips, whirring noises and any other bells and whistles you can think of that made you feel as though you were actually on a real pinball table.

The attention to detail was fantastic. The ball moved around in a realistic manner and even the initial launching of the ball onto the table was power adjustable, you could belt it in at fult pelt if you wanted or gently ease it onto the table, it was all down to you.

With the myriads of bonuses on each table there was plenty to get your teeth into here. Letters to light up, targets to hit, sticky points which allowed you to aim the ball.... you could even tilt the table via the space bar! Too much tilting resulted in your 'turn' being revoked though.

This classic Amiga game was a masterpiece of programming and design. Each table was excellently crafted, the sound effects were spot on, the ball physics were astonishingly realistic and the differing in-game music per table kept things fresh.

It was also possible for up to eight players to take part in the game, allowing you to host your very own mini pinball tournaments which was great fun. Food, drink and pinball dreams was a great way to while away a cold evening in Carlisle I can tell ya!
If you like pinball, and even if you don't, this game is still very playable and addictive. Try it, you may even become a pinball wizard like me..... ;-)

We recommend getting hold of the real Amiga hardware - but if not then download an Amiga emulator and download Pinball Dreams. Alternatively you could try and play it online.

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GENRE: Arcade Game (Pinball)
RELEASED BY: 21st Century Entertainment
DEVELOPER(S): Digital Illusions
PRICE: £25.99 (UK)

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Keeper Garrett said...

The intro music to this is some of the most atmospheric of all time!

The Retro Brothers said...

Yep - it is great music.
Great music to a great game.

james said...

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steam said...

very nice article

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