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Alien 3 Amiga
It was always nice to see an arcade game on your favourite machine which was a movie tie in, that wasn't actually crap.

Released in 1992 by Virgin Interactive (is it really twenty years ago already?) this was actually a decent run 'n gun game that appealed to fans of the movies and arcade gamers alike.

In true classic gaming tradition this game was very 'loosly' tied in to the movie, and also took elements from the first two films to help mould the gameplay.

Hence the inclusion of grenades, pulse rifles, flame-throwers and the motion tracker.

The Bitch Is Back - On Your Amiga
Taking on the role of a shaven headed Ellen Ripley the game was set on the Fury prison planet, with your aim being to rescue inmates who had been captured by those goddam xenomorphs and pasted to the walls with some sort of secreted resin. Yeah, but secreted from what?

It was a classic scrolling platform arcade game with plenty of ladders, lifts and tunnels to make the levels interesting.

You could collect different weapons as you explored the scenery, with the good old personal friend of mine, (the pulse rifle) being the most satisfying to use. Dealing out destruction to those pesky aliens was nicely satisfying as you cut them to ribbons or blew them away with your grenade launcher.

That'll be a scale and polish sir

A slight downside to the game was the fact that the aliens seemed to be able to sneak up on you without being seen on the motion tracker - so sometimes poor old Ripley would end up losing energy a little unfairly.

The aliens were in no short supply either - so it was lucky that there were plenty of weapons and ammo lying around for you to use. In a good touch you could also use your grenade launcher to blast through locked doors, which was sometimes a necessity.

It was also possible to fire your weapons as you climbed a ladder meaning you could take out aliens below you before you dropped to that platform. This type of attention to detail ensured a bit of playability.

The game was split into five overall levels (I think) and each one was tougher than the last. Fast reflexes and a fast trigger finger were required to succeed, as well as a good memory of the level layout.

It's A Bug Hunt
Graphically the game was pretty good, but it did lack the overall polish visually to make it a top class title. The music and sound effects were also pretty good and helped to rack up the tension and create a scary atmosphere as you made your way around the levels.

Overall this game was a good effort back in the day, and was a decent tie in to a great movie franchise. I played it quite a bit but never quite managed to finish it - I came close a few times but it was always game over man.

Stay Frosty...

We recommend getting hold of the real Amiga hardware - but if not then download an Amiga emulator and download Alien 3. Alternatively you could try and play it online.

Please see our other Amiga game reviews - all links are listed in alphabetical order. Cheers guys

GENRE: Arcade Game (Scrolling Platform Run 'N Gun)
RELEASED BY: Virgin Interactive copyrighted by Acclaim Entertainment
DEVELOPER(S): Probe Software and Eden Entertainment Software
PRICE: £25.99 - UK

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Chalgyr said...

You know, I don't recall if I ever played this one or not. I never owned an Amiga but one of my friends did as a kid. But bouncing around that video you embedded at the bottom? Some of that looks REALLY familiar too.

hastine said...

I luv Amiga. This a great game I think.

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